The Tecmo Bo?

Coming up with the idea for the game was actually pretty quick. Once I saw the 16-bit type game style I immediately thought of the old game The Tecmo Bowl. Being a huge sports fan I knew that was what I wanted to go off of and start with. The challenging part was incorporating a new story to go along with it and tie it in to the time travel part. With meeting the rooms requirement part, I took a twist on it and just made each room part of the field itself with the last room Melvin finally making it back to the team headquarters with the rest of his teammates.  In each room the goal is to collect the most footballs you can while navigating through the defense which has obviously a lot more than just 11 defenders (it would be to easy to get through with just 11).  Making it to the end and back to the headquarters you can see the disbelief from his teammates who do not believe him and his story. 

The favorite part of making the game would have to be making the field. Even though it doesn't have incredible detail I still had fun making the field and the endzones as close to proportional as I could. 

AuthorJames Pullen
Made withBitsy

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